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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

The high impact from SAFE will be accompanied by vast research and development, most of it performed by exceptional students. Therefore, as part of the program, Cardiff University has fully sponsored a PhD project that seeks to unravel the mysteries of ammonia/hydrogen combustion, minimising unwanted NOx emissions whilst reaching high combustion efficiencies under very stable conditions. Miss Marina Kovaleva, alumni from Cardiff University, has been awarded a full-time scholarship to work on the subject. After a tough competition and amongst 30 candidates, she proved an outstanding motivation supported by good understanding of the ammonia subject, key aspects for a fruitful degree. Her participation in previous ammonia campaigns in the UK and Japan will be essential for the success of the program and the development of novel methods to employ these molecules.

Miss Marina Kovaleva finished her BEng at Cardiff University. One of the top students in her class, she received the prestigious MEXT Scholarship to study in Japan. In collaboration with Tohoku University and AIST, top institutions working in the use of ammonia, she worked on the development of new reaction models and non-intrusive techniques. Her contributions to SAFE will be crucial for the success of the project.
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