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New Ammonia Projects 2021-2022

SAFE Ammonia has enabled the proliferation of our work using NH3. As part of our commitment to develop new technologies for the efficient, low polluting use of ammonia, a new set of projects have been granted over the last few months.

  • OceanREFuel - The project will enable the analysis of green hydrogen and ammonia produced using offshore wind facilities. Ammonia will be evaluated for its deployment in "City Gate" locations, thus supporting hydrogen injection to city gas grids and ammonia delivery to rural areas. The project will also oversee the study of Public Perceptions related to the use of ammonia as a fuel;

  • MariNH3 - The project has been conceived for the development of a new generation of Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) that will benefit from innovative injection techniques and thermodynamic principles. Further, Social Science, Planning and Regulatory specialists will conduct "first-of-its-kind" studies to enable the use of ammonia as a fuelling vector in UK ports;

  • Amburn - Supporting the process and heating industries, this project will ensure that new burners are developed to achieve high ammonia combustion efficiency with low emissions. The project, funded via the UK government and private industries, will be the first of its kind in the UK to replace fossil blends in large scale furnaces.

These works complement our vision to support the transition towards a "Hydrogen through Ammonia" economy.

Map for the use of ammonia and hydrogen in support to the decarbonisation of the global economy. At Cardiff University, we are currently covering Power, Heating, Cooling, Regulations, Public Perception and Environment.
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