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New Projects 2022

The use of ammonia has expanded incredibly, and now we're experiencing an exponential growth in the interest of the use of NH3 as a fuel vector. New projects have been awarded, and Cardiff University's contribution to the field have expanded tremendously. The projects range from fundamentals to industrial applications, and new colleagues from around the globe have joined our efforts in making ammonia a chemical for future energy systems. The projects include,

  • MariNH3 - Program Grant dedicated to the development of ammonia internal combustion engines that will be used in the marine sector;

  • OceanREFuel - Program Grant conceived to evaluate the use of hydrogen and other vectors (incl. ammonia) to distribute offshore wind energy to the UK and beyond;

  • Amburn - Industrial project that seeks to develop new burners for the replacement of fossil fuels in industrial boilers;

  • PlasmasNH3 - Use of plasmas to mitigate the production of NOx emissions in combustion systems;

The works will unlock the fundamental principles and practical constraints for the use of ammonia in engines, boilers, furnaces, and heat storage devices.

MariNH3, a unique Program Grant in the UK conceived to create the new generation of clean marine ICE units.
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