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AMBURN - Medium Power Boilers on NH3

As part of the outcomes of SAFE-AGT, a new set of burner designs have been developed to burn ammonia/hydrogen mixtures with high combustion efficiency and low NOx emissions. The burners will be evaluated in a new project called AMBURN (, a DESZN sponsored program that will support the transition from propane to ammonia for the replacement of fuel in industrial boilers. It is envisaged that by 2025 a novel burner architecture will provide clean heat and power in locations far from the grid or isolated from main power sources. The work is product of the research conducted in SAFE with the use of stratified injection philosophies for the stable control and low emissions of ammonia flames.

AMBURN is a project sponsored by DESZN (£3.5M) in collaboration with FloGas and ERM to develop a new generation of clean boilers.

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