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Neural Networks - an approach to create a bespoke mechanism

As part of our teaching and research expectations, SAFE will produce unique science that will deliver support for current developments and improvements whilst giving PhD students the opportunity to join an exciting topic. That is the case of Mr. Ali Hayder Alnasif, who has recently joined SAFE to work on the study of chemical kinetic mechanisms. His work will focus on crafting a bespoke Neural Network that will learn from more than 34 currently available mechanisms in literature. Experimental results from advanced laser techniques (PLIF) at UCL London and Cardiff, combined with complex swirl studies and a great variety of experimental measurements will generate enough data to train this network. The network will then learn and deliver discrepancies between models, recognition of parameters and a unique opportunity to have a dedicated model that will include advanced injection techniques with heat transfer improvement for the efficient combustion of ammonia/hydrogen blends with low emission profiles. Welcome to SAFE.

Mr. Ali H. Alnasif will explore the use of advanced numerical techniques to consolidate a model for the development of new burners in SAFE.
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