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New Injection Strategies for Internal Combustion Engines

As part of SAFE, novel injection strategies will be developed for the efficient use of ammonia blends. Sectors that can considerably benefit from these findings are the transport and small/medium power generation industries. Therefore, a new CDT has been confirmed in collaboration with Cardiff's partner 'Quantum Gas Engines', company dedicated to the design and construction of engines for stationary backup power and heavy duty transportation. The CDT, offered to Miss Elena Boulet, will pursue the understanding of novel injection methods to achieve high combustion efficiencies with low emissions in internal combustion engines. The project will consist of numerical and experimental campaigns, involving various secondments in Quantum Gas Engines to effectively promote the use of ammonia for these systems. As in other parts of the program, the high quality of our students will be paramount to unlock the highest potential of NH3 in power and propulsion developments.

After a master’s degree in Astrophysics in France, I worked for several years at Airbus Defence and Space in Germany. I was a satellite functional test engineer and had the chance to work on the interplanetary missions BepiColombo and Solar Orbiter. In 2019, I decided to change career path and started the MSc in Sustainable Energy and Environment at the Cardiff university. With my dissertation, I got involved in research on the use of alternative fuels such as ammonia for propulsion system and decided to pursue my career in a similar field. I will be starting a PhD in October 2020 with the CDT in Resilient Decarbonised Fuel Energy Systems.
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