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Centre for Doctoral Training (CDT) and SAFE

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

As part of SAFE's commitments, training and skills development of new researchers is essential. Therefore, SAFE in collaboration with the "Centre for Resilient Decarbonised Fuel Energy Systems" - led by Nottingham University - has joined efforts with Siemens Turbomachinery (UK and Germany) to sponsor a PhD program partially dedicated to the search of new methods to implement ammonia into existing Siemens' Gas Turbines. After an extenuating search, Miss Rhiannon Ryder, alumni at Cardiff University, has been offered a position to work in collaboration with the GTRC and the multi-national company on the subject. Miss Ryder's capabilities and high commitment, already denoted in her previous degrees, will be a crucial asset for the development of tomorrow's ammonia technologies.

"I completed my BSc degree in Physics with 1st class hons from Cardiff university in 2019. I’m currently undertaking my MSc in Sustainable Energy and the Environment, with my thesis focusing on microwave broadband coaxial probe measurements of cathode oxide materials. In October 2020 I will be beginning the CDT in decarbonised fuel systems."
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