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Novel ideas for the use of ammonia, MSc in Sustainable Energy

Cardiff University's MSc students in Sustainable Energy and Environment (SEE) have engaged in a variety of projects that support SAFE's agenda for the clean and efficient utilisation of ammonia as energy vector. The international team, conformed by European and African students, will address some of the big questions of using ammonia to store and power the future. Elena Boulet, France, is currently searching for new methods to use ammonia as a zero-carbon propulsion fuel. Ilayda Macit, Turkey, has engaged in a study that will define the potential of the South West of England and the South Wales regions to use ammonia as marine fuel for decarbonisation purposes. James Thomas, UK, will seek new alternatives to integrate technologies such as ammonia storage, fuel cells and power trains to increase the efficiency of using the chemical for stranded energy storage whilst supporting the transition from fossils to zero-carbon molecules. Finally, Yetunde Fadeyi, Nigeria, will assess the versatility and sustainability of ammonia fired by-products, such as water and hot nitrogen, for crops growth, cooling, district heating, electricity and power generation to support decentralised systems in support to small villages in Africa. It is expected that some of these findings will spur the development of new programs, with a set of papers that will increase awareness in the potential of using NH3 at a local and global scale.

Ammonia for Propulsion is a concept that requires novel ideas to ensure that low NOx systems are developed whilst the potential of ammonia as energy vector is maximised for short and long distance flights.
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