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YREA - 1st Young Researchers in Energy from Ammonia Conference

As part of our commitments, SAFE seeks to promote the use of ammonia in energy systems at all scales and configurations. Therefore, Cardiff University has joined efforts with KAUST and Tohoku University, major combustion research institutes, to promote the development on the area and motivate young researchers to join this fascinating subject. On those lines, SAFE is sponsoring the 1st Young Researchers in Energy from Ammonia (YREA) conference. With 18 posters submitted and more than 50 attendees, YREA promises to be one of the core conferences on the use of ammonia in power, propulsion, heating and cooling applications. Each poster presentation (6 mins long) promises to provide attendees with a view of the works taking place in each institution. If you are interested, there is still time to attend this free conference, and learn more about the work that is taking place in the UK, Saudi Arabia and Japan. The link is,

The schedule of the event is attached below,

Download PDF • 361KB

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