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Tohoku – Cardiff, a Partnership in Ammonia

Tohoku University, Institute of Fluid Science has awarded a General Collaborative Project Fund to researchers at Cardiff University and Tohoku University to study high-pressure ammonia-hydrogen flames. The fund will support travel expenses for the exchange of researchers between the Thermofluids Laboratory at Cardiff University and the Kobayashi-Hayakawa Laboratory at Tohoku University.

This has secured a long-term partnership between the two groups, with plans to present the initial results at the ICFD 2021 Conference at Tohoku University in October 2021 and the first researcher exchange to take place in January 2022. Being two of the few groups that have the research facilities to carry out high pressure testing of ammonia-hydrogen flames, Cardiff lead Dr Agustin Valera-Medina hopes that this collaboration can be the start of many fruitful projects between the two groups.

Tohoku University, ranked within the Top 100 Universities in the world (QS), leads the efforts on ammonia combustion worldwide. Collaboration with Cardiff University through SAFE will speed up development of concepts and systems.
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