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1st Symposium on Ammonia Energy and 1st Journal of Ammonia Energy

Great news for the ammonia energy academic community - the 1st Symposium on Ammonia Energy, hosted at Cardiff University, UK, was a full success. With 300 participants (in-person and online), 100 presentations, more than 30 countries, and industrial visits, the event left a great precedent by denoting the great interest that ammonia energy is attracting across the globe. The event received contributions from scientists at all levels of their careers, from students to consolidated researchers, ensuring large dissemination of all types of research and development. Further information can be found in where details of the talks, abstracts, biographies of keynote speakers, and more, can be all searched. The success has ensured a 2nd edition, this time in Orleans, France. We're excited to visit our colleagues and make the best of our time sharing knowledge around this fascinating subject.

Furthermore, the Symposium was the pinnacle of a long wait for the release of the 1st Journal of Ammonia Energy. The journal, sponsored by CardiffUni Press, is Diamond Open access (no fees for the authors, with full open access to the public). The first issue will include the best works from the symposium, a total selection of 16 of the best works presented during the 2 days event. The issue will be presented at the 2nd Symposium, and shared with the wider community to make a great impact of this fascinating chemical. More information can be found in

The Journal of Ammonia Energy will include contributions on the topics of combustion (fundamental and applied), production, internal combustion engines, reaction mechanisms, CFD modelling, techno-economics and environmental impacts.

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