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Recent acknowledgement - Sustain Wales and IEA

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Recent events have ensured that ammonia plays an increasing role for the decarbonisation of energy systems. Acknowledgement of the chemical in power and transportation has led to new, large projects that seek the demonstration of the concept. SAFE, as part of these demonstrators, will ensure that Gas Turbines produce clean power with usable residuals capable of supporting cooling, heating and drinking/fertilising activities. Therefore, SAFE and the ammonia concept have been raised in national and international discussions. In Wales, the program Sustain Wales has recently highlighted the potential of ammonia as a zero-carbon fuel contributor, whilst the International Energy Agency has included in its road maps the utilisation of ammonia as a hydrogen vector. Most of the concepts, still under laboratory conditions, are expected to reach demonstration stages in the next couple of years with the support of institutions such as the GTRC (Cardiff), AIST (Japan), SINTEF (Norway), Orleans (France), Lund (Sweden), PSI (Switzerland) and the Argonne Laboratory (USA). More information can be found elsewhere ( (

The IEA forum "Running Combustion Engines on Non-Carbon Fuels" is now available. Discussions around the use of hydrogen and ammonia are key to the topic.

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