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Optimal fuel blends for ammonia fuelled thermal propulsion systems

SAFE, in collaboration with other partner universities, seeks to establish the fundamentals and applied principles for the use of ammonia in gas turbines and combustion systems. Therefore, the recently awarded project "Optimal Fuel Blends for Ammonia Fuelled Thermal Propulsion Systems (EP/T033800/1)", led by Dr. Amin Paykani (University of Hertfordshire), will focus on the development of cost-effective computational tools for the fast implementation of these principles in the design of innovative devices. SAFE will benefit in parallel to the works of this project, enabling the comparison between state-of-the-art models and complex experimental campaigns for further development of cheap, efficient power units.

Robust computational methods can benefit from the development of simple, lean models that can speed up the development of complex systems for their quick implementation in industry.
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