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New Journal of Ammonia Energy

In order to ensure the appropriate dissemination of research taking place around Ammonia Energy, a new Journal of Ammonia Energy (JAE) has been released. With sponsorship by Cardiff University Press and a strong Scientific Committee, the journal will publish the best works from the Symposia on Ammonia Energy. The first issue covers the best material from the 1st version that took place in Cardiff, UK. The publication is Diamond Open Access (free to authors, free to readers, and authors keep their copyrights), as the journal is "from Researchers to Researchers".

Journal of Ammonia Energy approaches the subject gathering inputs from scientists and technologies actively working on the topic. The journal publishes high quality work from experimental, theoretical, and computational investigations on the topics of ammonia as an energy vector, which include production, distribution, utilization, safety, legal considerations, and economic aspects, amongst others, for the implementation of such a molecule to support the future zero-carbon energy mix.

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