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Combustion Institute Conference

SAFE Ammonia researchers have recently completed the successful commissioning of a swirl burner rig at Cardiff University Thermofluids Laboratory, including measurement for product gas emissions, temperature profiles, pressure, chemiluminescence images (of NH2*, NH*, OH* species), PLIF (OH) and spectrometry data. The first studies employing this rig have realised the effects of ammonia injection in premixed methane flames and were presented at this year’s International Combustion Symposium, in the format of a work-in-progress poster.

The works come as a continuation of the research performed at the Gas Turbine Research Centre, research that was successfully presented by Dr. Daniel Pugh in the 38th Annual Conference of the Combustion Institute, Adelaide, Australia.

Another poster, also in the topic of premixed ammonia-methane flames was presented by SAFE PhD Student Marina Kovaleva, based on her recent research secondment at Tohoku University, Japan. These posters are just the start of very interesting experimental campaigns utilising our new rig and measuring capabilities to lead some exciting Welsh-Japanese collaborations in ammonia energy.

The new capabilities of Cardiff's Thermofluids Laboratory for Ammonia/Hydrogen/Methane flames will unlock many of the unknown effects of using these flames in industrial combustion systems.
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