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1. Development of Refrigeration systems coupled with power cycles.

2. Design of new cooling systems for hot sections in engines.


3. Analyses of heat pump concepts for an increase in comfort coupled with cooling/heating for farming.


4. Design of novel heat exchangers using biomimetic concepts.  

5. Use of hot exhaust gases from engines to increase cycle efficiency.

6. Development of steam/nitrogen heat distribution.   



1. Development of novel combustion systems for micro, small and medium power and heat generation.

2. Development of new injection technologies for internal combustion engine applications. 

3. Design of high-efficiency cycles using ammonia blends. 

4. Analyses for the implementation of ammonia as a propulsion fuel. 

5. Studies for the integration of ammonia in hybrid power systems (i.e. tidal, wind, solar, nuclear, etc.).

6. Study of reduced chemical kinetic mechanisms for their implementation in numerical modelling.



1. Public perception studies for the use of ammonia as energy vector.

2. Studies of the impact of ammonia on human tissue. 

3. Health and Safety studies for the use of ammonia in various applications.

4. Development of new materials for the recovery of ammonia from waste streams.


5. Regulatory studies for the use of ammonia at ports and airports. 

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